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I have a few questions. Mind you, I am VERY new to configuring my hardware manually and have been reading as much as I can so I will know what I am doing, but I am stuck here:

1:I have the AMD T/bird 1.33 with the 266fsb. Is this chip different from the AVIA or AXIA chips of the same specs or are they the same and I have to find out from the place that I got it from.(Seeing how everyone agrees that the AVIA or AXIA chips are better I want to know which one I have so I will know whether or not to get another processor)

2. My fan gets unbearably hot (but for the most part still runs just fine with seldome restarts) at the factory setting of 1.33. I recently flashed my BIOS (KT7A-Raid bios ZZ) to the ZT and now the Soft Menu recognizes the CPU as 1333 without me having to change the multiplier and voltage settings. But my CPU fan (orb) gets real hot when I run it at 1.33. So now I have it underclocked to 1000 (133 x 7.5). The temp has cooled down, but still gets hot when I play a game and causes the machine to run sluggish.

Is there anything else that I can do to get better performance utilizing the alotted 1.33ghz without frying the chip? Also, I am running on Michron 256 pc133 SDRAM set at Cas 2.
Could this be signs of my fan going or just the BIOS configuration? I am already waiting on a Volcano 2 to arrive in the stores here so I can replace the fan. but other than that, I do not know what else to do. I have been working on this for a while now and I appreciate any help you can offer.

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  1. 1. The AXIA and AVIA cores are different types of cores for the same general processor. The 1.33 could be either of those. Look on the top of the processor, and the second of three lines on the core should be AXIAXXXXXX, AVIAXXXXXXX, or whatever. The first few letters are what type of core you have.

    2. Orbs aren't that great. Sure, they look cool, and the idea is a good one, but they just don't work well, because the bottom of the fins are too far away from the processor core.

    The Volcano II will work much better than any orb (except for maybe the new ones that aren't out yet.)

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  2. YEs, the ORb sucks. LIsten to FAtBUrger. THe VOlcano II will be fine for a 1333 at stock clock. EVerything that FAtBUrger said is completely correct.

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  3. Look to get an Alpha PAL6035 HSF. That's what I have and it does a great job, and it even fits nicely on my Abit KT7A-Raid board.

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