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last week i got a motherboard/cpu/heatsink combo and it arrived already put together. I put it in an enligh mid-tower with front and rear fans and have been running it for the last few days. my concern is that according to asus probe, the chip runs at 50 degrees celsius. I thought this was a bit high, so i cracked the case open again and looked at the heatsink placement. I noticed that the heatsink was not really properly put on. the heatsink, instead of covering all of the chip, covers only about 5/6-ths of it and then extends onto the socket. so, instead of the socket extending out from underneath the heatsink, it's a part of the chip that does. just wondering of how much this contributes to the fairly high chip temperature of 50 degrees. the heatsink is a coolermaster amd approved one.
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  1. 50 degrees is not a high temp by any means. Your fans are probably pretty weak (since you didn't care enough to say what they are :), and the heatsink is enough, but not for overclocking by any means.
    You should be fine with that temp.

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  2. it's a coolermaster DP5-6H51. the reason i didn't put it in the post is because i didn't exactly remember the number and since coolermaster's models differ by like 1 letter/number i didn't want to put the wrong one. but thanks for the info.
  3. asus probe... BLAUGH!
    dont believe it. its a crock

    my 1200C runs at 50 C under load according to the bios AND mother board monitor5, but asus probe is telling me the temp is 60-61 C!
    i have carefully felt the heatsink, and it definately doesnt feel like 60.
    for some reason asusprobe is adding a few degrees to give u a "real" chip temp.
    personally i just think asus probe is crap.
    when its running it keeps dropping out on me too.
    no such probs with MBM

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  4. Ok first thing... 50 C isn't really super hot. However, I'd still upgrade the HSF to something like a volcano II if you're not overclocking or a higher end HSF if you are overclocking. As for the placement affecting performance, it might be a little bit, but as long as the core is making complete contact with the HSF which is sounds like it is, I would guess it is performing about as good as it is going to.

    That oughta void your warrenty!
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