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**Okay still new here :hello: , could'nt deciede where to post this either here on in the graphics forum, If I was wrong any MOD who can move this would be appreaciated :) **

I recently updated my Nvidia GT 335m graphics drivers for my laptop, I installed driver sweep and installed as instructed by the guys on this site, thank heaven theres a thing called a google and archives :lol:

I've recently noticed that while watching Youtube videos that the image/video distorts, colours go missing and that it pauses sometimes. When I upp the ante to 480p+ in normal or full screen mode the video image puases and the audio keeps on playing no matter the quality aside from 240 and 360p modes.

I can't remember the stock drivers but the ones Im using now are 266.58. I originally installed the ones from Dells website but I believe I encounted a few problems, I can't remember exactly what happened when I upgraded to them, possibly nothing knowing me :sweat:

Computer Details

Alienware M11X
Windows Home Pre 65 Bit
4 GB Ram
320 GB Hard Disk (If that helps :lol: )
Nvidia GT 335m
Intel Core i5 520UM 1.06GHZ

Any help would be appreciated, although I feel it maybe a simple fix :??:
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  1. Do you know if you have the latest version of flash player installed? If not, try installing that and see if it helps. If it doesn't, I'd think about rolling back the driver to a previous version until a new driver comes out.
  2. Yeah I reinstalled adobe flash. shockwave and air just in case either one or all three were conflicting, which wasn't the case :( .

    I've heard about this turn off hardware acceleration in the adobe flash pannel, but can't seem to access the panel itself no matter what I do :sweat: so Ive thrown that off

    I'll take your advice and try anoth driver further down the line, not that far as I would'nt like to loose the performance gain I had recently, but I'll give it a go :)

    To! :D

    (Earlier Today Previously before this reply)

    **Im not sure of a YouTube error but while on the phone to an alienware tech rep, I clicked on one of rooster teeths videos and upped the quality to 720p and it played, while I went back to my home page and clicked something else it puased as usual (above 360p quality). I went back to the other video, 720p and it puased again. Was this a little break through? **
  3. Also I think its worth noting that due to this in an M11X it has both dual video cards, and either one such as the Intel HD and GT335m should handle HD video netherless.

    While I updated my Nvidia and BIOS boards a while back I tried updatinbg my Intel HD card too, but I windows error window stated it was the most up to date and that I'd be installing an older version, compared to the one thats on dell's site.

    Just to cover a few lost spaces, I also tried running internet explorer on the GPU. Intel HD has the same pausing problems while running on the Nvidia chip on Youtube it seems to crash :S

    Could that be a sign?
  4. Oops 65 bit operating system? :D

    I've thought it over, and decided to keep the driver I've got and wait for eith an Flash of Driver Update. I love the performance gain and I guess I can sacrafice watching videos in full screen and HD, only until I deem it really annoying will roll back if the issuie persists.

    Thanks for your reply buwish :)
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