Athlon 1300 AXIA and KK266: Which one is broken?

I bought a brand new KK266 from OCZ, along with an Athlon 1300 AXIA CPU.

If I run the CPU at default settings, then here is what I get:

100MHz FSB = 1.1 GHz
133MHz FSB = 1.5 GHz (hangs before OS loads).

How can this be? It seems to me that the POST should read the Athlon at 1.3GHz if the board's FSB is at 100MHz (which it should be) and the other settings are at default.

When I OC it, the highest stable multiplier the CPU will take is 10x, and the highest frequency is 140MHz.

But the fact that the defaults are faulty seems wrong. Please advise.

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  1. You may have to update your BIOS. Did it say on the chip it was 1300MHz? Your current BIOS may not be properly supporting the 13x multiplier.

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  2. I flashed it this past weekend. I can MANUALLY set the multiplier to 13x, but I would think that it should do it automatically.

    As it is, the default multiplier seems to be 11.5x, since a board-set FSB of 100 yields a POSTing of 1.1GHz, and a board-set FSB of 133 yields 1.5GHz (it hangs before OS).

    A tech at the place where I bought it says that the Athlons do not always POST their freqs correctly, implying that my 1300 AXIA could normally POST at 1.1GHz. That seems kind of wierd, though. What do you think?

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  3. I had the same problem with my AVIA 1.2/266 and Abit KT7a-RAID, but I manually set it, instead of letting it auto-detect, and there've been no problems.

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  4. The problem with Athlons is that they only have up to 12.5x multipliers, after that they have to "recycle" them. BIOS must be able to recognise this. You are in a fairly unique position, most people would not buy the 1.3 when the 1.33 is so much better. MY advice is to unlock it and set it to 10x, then set your bus speed to 133. That gives your 1333 and still works. While you have it out, you can see what core it is. An AXIA will go to around 1500MHz, so 10x150 may work. An AVIA will go to aroun 1450MHz, so 10x145 may work. You may have to raise your core voltage to overclock, but 1333 should come at stock voltage!

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  5. When the board is jumper set to 100MHz, and the CMOS settings for the CPU are at default, the POST reports upon bootup that my processor is running at 1.1GHz, implying a multiplier built into the CPU of 11.5x.

    The the board is set to 133MHz, it clocks out to 1.5GHz, again at an implied multiplier of 11.5x (the OS won't load at that speed, either).

    I can overclock it so that the FSB is at 145 and the multiplier is at 10x. I can also set the FSB to 100 and the multiplier to 13x. But why are the DEFAULTS off?

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  6. Hard to say why, but if you can manually set it to 10x145, that's 1450, I'd be happy with the system at that speed even with its problem of not recognizing defaults (why use defaults when you can use 10x145?).

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  7. Kind of a loaded question. Did you happen to look at your chip before you installed it? Did they send you a 1.1 chip?
  8. Nope. It said 1300. Could it be remarked? If so, would they have known?

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  9. I cracked the computer open and looked at the CPU. It said:

    AMD Athlon
    1999 AMD

    What does all that mean?

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  10. Looks like you have a 100mhz FSB T-Bird ('B'). When the KK266 boots up it uses the initial multiple (13 in your case) times the FSB setting (jumper setting, 100 or 133mhz) in your case 133mhz x 13 = 1729mhz until the bios resets the multipier as set in the bios like 133fsb x 10 = 1333mhz. If your cpu fails which is likely in your case (1729mhz) it will hang before the bios can change the multiplier. You need to get a 'C' 133(266) T-Bird if you are going to use the 133 FSB. The reading of 1500 maybe the limitation of the bios vice what the T-Bird is trying to do.

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