Default Beep and writing long strings of q's every beep

For the last three months my computer has been playing the default been whenever I move my mouse. Anytime it beeps and I'm currently on a writing bar or program it will write a long string of q's every time it beeps. I have no idea how to stop it switched mice keyboards tried installing and reinstalling drivers and nothing works. Does anyone have any idea of the cause of this or how to fix it?
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  1. I've looked around and it appears to potentially be caused by an IRQ conflict between the mice and the internal sound (not sure why though). Are you using the onboard video on the computer or is it a discreet graphics option?
  2. I am using a graphics card.
  3. crap....not what I meant....

    Are you using integrated audio (not video) or a standalone audio card?
  4. I am using integrated audio haha.
  5. What is the make/model # of your computer?

    You can use either CPU-Z or Speccy to take the guess work out for you.
  6. I built my own computer the cpu is a i7 2600k motherboard is a ASUS P8P67 Pro
  7. Any kind of a solution yet? I have exactly the same problem for the last 3-4 months...
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