www.bzboyz.com 1.4 GHz Athlon Order

Has anyone anything good to say about www.bzboyz.com ? www.ResellerRatings.com has some terrible stories posted there from past customers.

I got cold feet reading those posts and cancelled an order to them, they acknowledge the order being cancelled prior to being shipped, or even close to being shipped but have not re-credited my card for the $256 dollars yet!!!!

If anyone has a similar problem, I found an email address direct to the manager: bzboy@bzboyz.com

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  1. I had the exact same problem with bzboys with my 1 gighz I ordered about 6 months ago. I had to file a complaint with my credit card company and they finally credited it.
  2. I forgot to add.. the reason I had the dispute with them is I orginally ordered a 1.1 gig and they were sold out so they gave me a set price on the 1 gig. Turns out they charged me 50$ more then the price they told me over the phone. I dont think they sell faulty products... its just the poor service.
  3. I'd be afraid to order anything from them now, there are some of these kinds of complaints over at arstechnica.com about them too. I am behind the power curve now though, since they have my money and might decide to send the stuff anyway. I saw a post on resellerratings.com where they did this to a cancelled order and then charged him a restocking fee, those are typically 20% which could be their normal profit margin too. In that case, they can't loose either way.

    I saw another post saying that their store is very seedy and that employees were yelling at people on the phone discussing something to do with the www.pricewatch.com price listing.

    It is such a shame, their web site looks beautiful and has these nice pictures of a baby playing with a computer, some of those heart tugging kinds. It sure gives you the impression of a totally different kind of company.

    Maybe I am learning something here, if the site looks nice and you feel secure just by the looks of it, better check resellerratings.com. They might need that kind of look for a damn good reason. Like companies who put lots of money into commercials on TV telling you how good they are to everyone. They advertise for a reason, word of mouth isn't enough because they aren't that great.
  4. Guys,
    I think that I have been premature about barking up the tree over bzboyz.com because I just talked to my credit card company about this issue for the third time and they just explained how this works for me:

    1. A merchant obtains an authorization to charge a card.

    2. The merchant charges the card. This is called "posting" to your account.

    When I first called the VISA they said that the company already charged my account for $256 dollars and that I could only file a complaint after it posts and that should take two days.

    What they didn't tell me was what posting meant, and I didn't think to ask further. Posting means that the merchant calls the bank back, or sends a data confirmation of the order being completed. At that time your account is charged. My account wasn't actually charged, just authorized for a charge of up to that amount.

    Although BZboyz.com has lots of complaints for disreputable business practices, appartently I jumped the gun on this one. I will post back if they actually charge to my account. But to be fair, I had to explain this here because I *might* have jumped the gun and complained prematurely.
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