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The university I attend doesn't allow modems and routers, but me and my roommates desperately need wifi for our devices, otherwise they are being wasted sitting around. today I set up an ad hoc connection on my roommates laptop, but he brings his laptop places and when he's out, we have no wifi. I have my desktop computer, and I can leave it on all the time and I never leave with it, so I'd love to set up wifi on it, since it will be so much more convenient.

I brought my router from home, and ive gotten it to send out my computer's internet connection, but it brings me to the school's registration page, which I can not use, since routers are not allowed.

Is there a way to use my desktop's ethernet connection and send out that internet connection through my router (it also needs to bypass the school network, somehow fooling it that my router is my computer (im guessing))?

I have 2 ethernet jacks on my computer by the way.

anyone have any ideas?

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  1. You will get no help here trying to bypass restrictions on someone else's network, it is a breach of forum rules.
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