Such a place as Black Mesa?

in the game Half-life there is a place called Black Mesa. Is there such a place in real life? if so is it used for science aswell or something else?
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  1. Actually yes, there is a Black Mesa. And just like in the game, they are researching aliens over there. The government offers daily tours, but you usually have to call a week in advance to get the tickets. But since they're free, you really can't complain, right?
  2. actually, there probably IS such a place as black mesa.. in UTAH, or Texas somewhere. Allthose cowboy films you see withthe big mushroom shaped rocks in the bacground. they're mesa. .

    OTOH "black Mesa" as in the nice high tech research facility probably doesnt exist.


    the same way that Area 51 doesn't exist.

    and white sands is just a propulsion lab.
    and the british C&C bunker is just "underground tunnels".
    and the white hall nuclear bunker is just used for storage.

    whatever provides positive bouyancy for your aquious transport vehicle
  3. In reality, Black Mesa is an Indian reservation =)
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