House vote on GOP debt plan delayed

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  1. Se Billions, fire congress.
  2. yup fire people that actually come up with a plan to reduce spending instead of raising how much we can borrow, that makes sense...


    So if you maxed all your credit cards out and couldnt pay your bills, would you try to get another credit card or would you try to pay down your debt?
  3. ^ Consolidation, my friend.
  4. consolidation does not reduce your debt, it just stacks it all in the same place so you actually pay less to the debt... Interest on 5 $1000 CC's and interest on 1 $5000 CC are different no matter how you stack it and that interest is directly reflected in the payments you make. so unconsolidated you pay more to the debt, the only reason you should consolidate debt is if you have trouble remembering your payment dates...

    dont let them fool ya, brotha!
  5. Here is another...two jobs.
  6. Or manage you money properly so you dont have to work two jobs? Or is personal responsibility too much to ask for? And jobs arent easily come by these days, dont know if you knew that or not?

    Credit at all levels from personal to governmental should never be handled irreesponsibly. As it brings debt... Now that debt is mandatory on a global scale, but we like to call that trade(IE, USA trades tree supplies for oil in countries that dont have many tree supplies.) But outrageous debt is not mandatory and that is where our economy is at now. Cut spending, pool surpluses and export, reduce importing, etc, etc, etc.. The only way to get rid of debt and increase the economy.

    The country we live has to be fiscally conservative, HAS to be. That is how we operate; based on the free market system. Most people say that you must get rid of free markets, well you cant. They happen in nature. Instead of getting rid of a tried and true way of dealing with a country; how about reinstate it as the norm? instead of "reinventing the wheel" so everyone is the same?

    Often I find it funny how people would like to apply the notion that every individual is unique and can be whatever they want(religious, gay, etc.); yet, when it comes to money, everyone must make the same amount or pool their money together so noone is unique...

    How hypocritical...


  7. dogman_1234 said:
    Current status of getting CompTIA A+ Certificate: Chapter 15.

    Are you ever going to get past chapter 15? Reading the news all day won't help. :sarcastic:
  8. I agree ... we should temporarily suspend doggy's posting rights until he gets a couple more chapters under his belt.

    All who agree say "I" ... heh heh.

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