120Hz or IPS panel monitor for a gamer?


I am torn on which monitor to buy to fit my needs. I play games 80% of the time that I am on my computer. These games include Battlefield 3, Minecraft, Counter Strike GO & Source, as well as Team Fortress 2. Will a 120Hz or IPS panel monitor be better for me?

I have been mostly looking at the BenQ XL2420T and the Dell U2312HM. I want it to be ideally 24" - 27".

I am open to different suggestions that you have and if you know any IPS monitors with better response time than the U2312HM. I need to decide on one before New Years Day.

Please give your opinions on both types of monitors and the ones I've been looking at.

Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. The Dell one you linked to is one of the better gaming monitors out there in my opinion.

    As far as 120Hz is concerned, I can't justify spending significantly more money for something that I personally don't even like looking at. It just makes things look strange, and you might be different but I don't like the "smooth" look of 120Hz. More is not always better.

    IPS panel is the way to go, superior colors and the slower response time really isn't an issue at all.
  2. there are 3 tiers of ips panels.

    6bit e-ips
    8bit s-ips and p-ips
    10bit h-ips

    e-ips will have similar color accuracy to tn and va while having a better viewing angle.

    the rest will have an even better viewing angle and higher color accuracy.

    120hz panels are tn type and can have color shifting when viewed at any angle except straight on and of course some panels are better with this than others due to coatings developed to help reduce this.


    personally i prefer to use nothing but 8bit+ ips panels. the whole 60hz/120hz+3d dilema is a no brainer as 60hz looks fine to me, i dislike tn panel color shifting and dislike 3d.
  3. For gaming purposes, 120hz makes them feel more fluid and responsive. The colors may not be as true, but that generally isn't a concern unless you are comparing it to something or you are a graphics artist.

    Personally, I get nauseated when playing below 80 FPS when I'm using a mouse in 1st person view or over the shoulder view. That means a 120hz monitor is the only option for myself.

    I really don't see a huge difference in 60hz vs 120hz, but it feels a ton more responsive if you have FPS over 80 with a 120hz monitor.
  4. you will notice the color difference with gradients the most. on 6bit gradients may appear splotchy or stippled instead of smooth like on 8bit and 10bit panels.
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