Asus g73jh problems

ok what the hell its been what like 3 driver updates or somthing since this thing came out and i just green screened i though amd worked all the bugs out buy now guess now anyone know if somthing else in the laptop could be causing this??

i did it when i was playing forsaken world but has done it in ffxiv also and temps never reach above 67 degreec C
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  1. are you talking about the AMD driver for the 5870 that came in with the laptop? Cause i have the Asus G73 and tried it out on my games to see how it ran and it ran fine. But so i decided to download the new Driver from AMD and as soon as i downloaded the new driver it started acting really funny..My screen started looking wierd like my gpu was going out already..So what i did was reinstalled everything back to where it was before the AMD driver update and everything was fine after that.. Since then i've never downloaded a new AMD driver for the laptop. Hope this answers your question
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