Help plz! Cannot open any programs!

Today i went on my computer and i randomly had all sorts of issues. I ran malawarebytes and removed everything. When i restarted i could open for example firefox but after 5 minutes i could not open any other program, not just browsers. Once i click to open something it would show the loading circle for a couple of seconds and then nothing would happen. If i click refresh on my desktop the loading circle pops up and never goes away. My background gets like a shade of white over it and i cant even press my start menu. If i try to go to task manager the screen goes black and says "failure to display security and shut down options when ctl+alt+del was pressed. I tried to restore back to several dates but still no change. Im am not sure what this is or even if it is a virus, but some feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Also after a couple of attempts of trying to open some programs it brings up a msg saying microsoft windows is not responding and to end the process
  2. I would recommend running either MalwareBytes Anti-Malware or Super Anti-Spyware or even both first of all. Boot into Safe Mode by pressing F8 as the computer is booting up and choose the option "Safe Mode with Networking". This will allow you to have internet access and be able to get both those utilities and diagnose your issue without everything loading that isn't needed.
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