How much power does it use?

I would like to know how much power I would use if I have 300w power supply that supplies power to components (cpu,ram,grafik etc.) that use 180w.

How much power would I be using in that case 300, 180 or maybe something in between?
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  1. if the sum of your components suck up 180W,
    you'll probably use somewhere around that
    value.. IMO

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  2. It depends on the setup, though. If you have 5 hard drives, and no CD-ROMs, a low power video card, and nothing in PCI slots, you'd still need a 300w+ PSU, because you're using a lot of a certain voltage.

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  3. thanks for the replys

    I was wondering if a 300w psu would use more electrcity than a 250w psu if it contained the same components?

    using less electricity is good for my economy and the environment

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  4. having a larger power supply may itself use a little more power, but generally I'd say a large power supply is going to be more efficient than a small one.

    If you run a 300W supply at a high load it must work harder, generate more heat and generally be less efficient. The larger PSU has more capacity and works less to run the same amount of kit...

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  5. And some people used to think that electricity would leak from their walls! You only use as much as the computer needs!

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  6. electricity leaking from the walls???
    your scaring my hamster

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  7. What he says is probably true, though. Larger power supplies would use less effort, so they might be more reliable.

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  8. Yes, I usually recommend double the needed size simply because the rated sized is peak, not continuous, and with the numbers fudged. I just was letting him know that even if he got one four times the size he needed, it would only output as much power as the system used, so it wouldn't affect his electric bill.

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  9. So, as per my "adapt wires" thread in the heatsinks & colling forum, what size of PSU do you recommend?

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  10. HERES where it gets complicated. I use a commecial grade 250 watt power supply. It has higher nominal ratings than most 300 watt ordinary power supplies. So I usually reccomend that anyone serious about their power supplies read the fine print-they will tell you what amperage each voltage is rated at. How much you need of each depends on your configuration, but concerning fans, most people do not need to worry about the 12v circuite.
    Look for a rating of at least 15A on the 3.3v for typical systems, 18A on heavily equiped Athlons. 25A on the 5.5v is usually adequate. Since these are shared, the combined wattage should be at least 150W. I have never seen a power supply that would not supply enough 12V current if it met those other requirements.

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