Gt520m VS hd 5470

core i5 430m/ati hd 5470 or core i5 2410m/geforce gt520m

-im more into games:bounce:
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  1. Hello eteng;

    That's easy; i5 2410 and GT 520M
  2. Hello WR2.

    Thanks for your reply.
    But i did checked and the gt520m doesnt support hardware T&L while hd5470 do support.

    But still im not sure whether that feature is compulsory in order to play games that need gpu with hardware t&L supported.

    what do u think WR2?
  3. All nVidia since GeForce 256, all Ati since 7000 series and all Intel GMA since X3100 have supported hardware T&L or TC&L.
  4. Well thanks for ur quick response.
    So mayb this website that i use to checked it was wrong.

    it says my gpu doesnt support hardware T&L.

    Ur reply helps alot. Thanks WR2 =)
  5. That web site checks your current PC or laptop.
    It's your current system that doesn't support HW T&L.

    What are you working with now?
  6. Actually i'm currently using the i5-2410m/gt520m.
    So that i've checked in that website and it says my system doesn't support hardware t&l.

    I've also test my mom's laptop which using hd5470 and the test result says it do support hardware t&l.

    So i just want some clarifying regarding the gpu.
  7. That's easy. That website test is wrong.
  8. Best answer
    My guess is that it hasn't been updated for the newest hardware.
    And you might have been running in Optimus mode where the GT 520M is totally shut down.
  9. Haven't been online much lately :)
    WR2, Ya thanks for ur help, seems the web was wrong, my gpu work just fine.
    And ya perhaps that time Optimus mode was enabled.

    Thanks again for your helps. :)
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