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So last weekend my friends and I decided to finally build my new pc and everything looks nice and it was very very cheap because i bought old components from many of my friend's old pcs. I have been trying to setup, but we have been having trouble getting the monitor to work. The computer itself seems to be in working condition and i can see that my graphics card is running and the ram appears to be in position correctly. (i have 2x2x2x2 and I think they all are in good condition.) I'm using an hdmi chord but my monitor constantly says no signal ( I have made sure the monitor is switched from vga to hdmi)
Does anyone have any advice that may help me?
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  1. Try the monitor on another computer to see if its working.

    Try plugging the monitor directly into the motherboard with VGA to see if it works.

    If it does it might be an issue with the graphic card connector
  2. Thanks for the reply, I have tried plugging the monitor into the motherboard with the VGA and it still does not work and I'm not exactly sure how to check with the graphics card connector. Im really hoping it doesnt come down to the graphics card just because it is the only really significant upgrade that has been made.
    Anyway thanks again for advice.
  3. So I just tried the VGA with a DMI converter and it worked when plugged into the graphics card and now the monitor is working! But I do have another problem, the computer is trying to auto repair itself but it cannot. My guess is that since i salvaged some ram from my old pc and that ram is not compatible. I think it may have been ddr2 when the new graphics card needs ddr3. (Im not sure if this could actually be the solution) (graphics cards is a Radeon 5770 I believe)
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