i have dell inspiron 1564 laptop and win7 installed on it.
I am having some problems with the laptop.
it is running very slow i.e the system hang and the system opens very slow though the processor is i3 and i have dedicated graphics card also.
then also the performance is slow.
It did fell from my bed on ground once .
and i did update the file guided by the OS.
what might be the problem,
is it virus problem or i need to reboot it or the falling thing is the problem.
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  1. You may have damaged the hard drive. Was it on when it fell? If so, that can easily ruin a hard drive (unless it's a solid state drive, which it isn't).

    You might just need to clean up windows (a fresh install is the best way).

    Viruses aren't much of a threat if you take reasonable precaution (e.g. keep your software up to date, don't download free tools that you see advertised on conspicuous sites). And even then, most of this stuff just installs pop-ups nowadays.
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