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YAFAP, Lawful Human Barbarian

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July 15, 2005 2:30:09 AM

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Well, I finally did it. After countless of games ending up in annoying
deaths I finally managed to get up to the Astral plane and offer the
Amulet to... Mitra. Ok, so here's how it went. The adventures
of Barbarian Kari, Miekkasankari

My last proper game had ended in a rather nasty encounter with a
master mind flayer in the Astral Plane, so I was a bit depressed.
I decided to play it safe this time. I picked the chaotic human
barbarian and off I went. The beginning of the game was pretty
usual. Found a magic marker in the mines, donated to priest
and so on. Got a luckstone and a bag of holding too. The priest
was cross-aligned so I had to find another altar. I only managed
to find 2 altars in the game in addition to the set ones. I converted
and offered and got the Cleaver. Started to use it and leveled up
like usual.

I found four or so leprechaun halls. I killed them all and took the
gold and bought protection. I also found three barracks, and
got a lot of food rations from the nice soldiers.

I summoned Yeenoghu and Juiblex out of Gehennom. I petrified
Yeenoghu and chipped him apart and took a nice looking piece of
him as a souveneir. The head of Yeenoghu would make real
popular amongst the female angels in high heavens. Killed Juiblex
and healed with a potion.

I had a rather scary encounter with a black dragon, but luckily
nothing was disintegrated. Killed a gray dragon and took the
scales for later use. Got down to Medusa, killed him, smashed
Perseus' statue only to find it empty. Went down to the castle,
played some music with no luck. I had jumping boots and I
accidenly took a few swims in Medusas lake. This was actually
a good thing, as I got a lot of water potions and empty scrolls.
I found a scroll of genocide and got rid of mind flayers. I was
desperate to find a scroll of enchant armor, as I was fearing
that someone might have a wand of death. I got all the way
up to dlvl 1 and found one scroll in a grave. I blessed the
scroll with some potions and hardened my scales.

I went to the quest and killed the nemesis and took the Heart.
I was lucky, as I had found a tinning kit. The trolls posed no real

I sacrificed a lot and got the Stormbringer and Dragonbane but
no tune to the castle. After a huge amount of sacrifising Set finally
gave me the tune. I went to the castle and played the tune. I had
gotten rid of L's with the help of my blessed magic marker. I slayed
the hordes in the castle and got the wand of wishing. I wished for
an extra magic marker and some scrolls of charging. That's when the
bad luck started. I got only one scroll of charging and the wand had
only 2 charges. I charged it and wished for gauntlets of power,
speed boots and the frost brand. I had to wish for the frost brand
twice to get it. The armors I got had no enchantments at all.

I went down to gehennom. Nothing special to tell about it. Killed
a lot, bribed the lawful demon lords (I wanted to make sure
that I don't get YASD. I had no scrolls or wands of fire and I was
afraid of green slimes). Killed Vlad, took the amulet of life saving,
went down, petrified Orcus with a rubber chicken, took his head as
a souveneir. I found a magic marker in Orcus town.

Got down to the v-square. I started to ascend back up and
hacked the walls down to make sure I had fast passage out. Then I
went to the wizards tower, killed him with a wand of death
and took the book. I went down, invocated, killed the lot of them,
zapped the High Priest, took the Amulet of Yendor, made a run for it.

I got back up with only a few annoying mysterious force experiences.
I had found a nice little helmet along the way, and I was pretty sure
it was opposite alignment. I had also found a helm of brilliance, which
I was using. I had a large shield as my shield and an elven cloak
as my cloak. I had -30 AC, and I was convinced that would be

I ascended to the planes. I had to use a scroll of detect gold to find
the portal in the earth plane. Zapped Rodney with the wand again.
I went up to the plane of air and had real nasty experiences with
air elementals. Good thing I had enough of healing potions. One of
the air elementals revealed the portal for me (didn't know
that could happen). I went to fire, ditched all the useless
stuff and started to search for the portal. A salamander was
kind enough to find it for me (at least I think it was a salamander).
I got up to the plane of water. I had genoed ; and R and P too,
so the water plane was no problem.

I had to use the Amulet to find the portal. I finally did, after
Rodney paid me another visit. The trusty wand of death
got him again. I hope his body rots in the depths of the heavenly

I got to the Astral Plane. I wanted to make sure that I would not die
here again. I took out my two other wands of death and charged
them. I then took the wands of teleport I had and dropped most
of the useless stuff I still had. I zapped my way through the hordes
to the center altar first. I think it was Pestilence who was guarding
it. I zapped him but he diseased me first. The unicorn horn saved
me. When I got back from the altar Pestilence was up again, so I
zapped him with the death again. I then used the towel to see
where death was, and decided to go the other way. I got to the
left hand altar after blasting away Famine. I was anxious to see if I
could finally ascend. Mitra. I had to stop and think. I came to the
conclusion that Set had been a bad god, and took out my unidentified
helmet. I took off my helm of brilliance. I still wasn't sure if I had a
helm of ESP or a helm of opposite alignment in my hands. I thought
"Hey, what the heck. I've had enough bad luck already. Time to get
lucky". Bam, I was lawful. I gently placed the Amulet of Yendor at
my new deitys altar, called his name and held my breath. I was
basked in golden radiance and the voice of my new deity was loud
and clear. I had become a demigod. I embraced my destiny and
took my place as the right hand of Mitra.

Here be mighty boring facts. I edited out most of the boring stuff.


an uncursed amulet of life saving (being worn)
the rustproof +6 Forst Brand (weapon in hand)
a cursed -1 helm of opposite alignment (being worn)
a blessed +4 gray dragon scale mail (being worn)
an uncursed rustproof +2 helm of brilliance
a cursed rustproof +0 large shield (being worn)
an uncursed fireproof +1 elven cloak (being worn)
a blessed fireproof +4 pair of speed boots (being worn)
a blessed rustproof +3 pair of gauntlets of power (being worn)

a cursed partly eaten K-ration
a cursed partly eaten food ration
an uncursed food ration
an uncursed partly eaten food ration

an uncursed scroll of create monster

an uncursed ring of protection from shape changers
a cursed ring of free action (being worn)
a cursed ring of teleport control (being worn)

a wand of death named chargen (1:3)
//Pfft.. misspelled charged
a wand of death (0:4)
a wand of teleportation (0:2)
a cursed wand of teleportation (0:4)
a wand of death (1:0)

a blessed bag of holding
a +0 unicorn horn
//Had two just to be sure.. this one got unblessed
an uncursed towel
a +0 unicorn horn

the blessed Heart of Ahriman
//One of my best friends in the dungeons

Contents of the bag of holding:
//I'm gonna cut most of the boring stuff out

a blessed magic marker (1:3)
an uncursed ring of regeneration
//Never identified that one
an uncursed +0 Hawaiian shirt
//Forgot to put it on, oh well
an uncursed amulet of life saving
the blessed rustproof +2 Cleaver
a blessed scroll of charging
a blessed magic marker (1:5)
a potion of holy water
an expensive camera (0:50)
//Forgot I had one
an uncursed dilithium crystal
an uncursed magic whistle
an uncursed diamond
a blessed magic marker (1:9)
//Three magic markers.. time for mass-genocide
the rustproof +0 Stormbringer
the rustproof +0 Dragonbane
an uncursed luckstone
an uncursed rock named A Piece Of Yeenoghu
an uncursed rock named A piece of Orcus
//Hehehee, had to take some souveniers.. Took their heads.
I love rubber chickens

//In addition to those, a lot of foodstuffs, 20
or so potions of healing, extra healing of full healing.

Final Attributes:

You were the Glory of Arioch.
//Well, I bet I'm not going to be that for a long since
I'm lawful now
You were piously aligned.
You were fire resistant.
You were cold resistant.
You were sleep resistant.
You were disintegration-resistant.
You were shock resistant.
You were poison resistant.
You were magic-protected.
You saw invisible.
You were telepathic.
You were invisible to others.
You were stealthy.
You had teleport control.
You were protected.
You were very fast.
You had free action.
Your life would have been saved.
You were extremely lucky.
You had extra luck.
Good luck did not time out for you.
You survived.

//Never died. Proud of that.

Voluntary challenges:

You genocided 18 types of monsters.
You never polymorphed an object. //Polypiling.. nah, not
for me
You used 6 wishes. //Wand only came with 6.
Had to wish for Frost Brand twice

Genocided species:

mind flayers
master mind flayers
master liches
gray oozes
brown puddings
black puddings
green slimes
rust monsters
giant eels
electric eels

18 species genocided. //Wanted to make
sure nothing insta-kills me this time

3160 creatures vanquished. //I'll just
cut out the boring stuff

The Wizard of Yendor (4 times)
//I tried to be fast to avoid this guy
Pestilence (twice)
a high priest
a ki-rin
4 balrogs
Thoth Amon
15 black dragons
//Those guys just kept coming.
Was lucky tho', nothing disintegrated
an Angel
a demilich
Vlad the Impaler
6 Nazguls
10 aligned priests
an Aleax
2 erinyes
98 soldiers //Found three barracks
121 leprechauns //Around four
or so leprechaun halls.. but how the heck
did I get 121? Wasn't 120 supposed to be
the maximum?

//Chickened out on Asmodeus, I was planning on
killing him but I had no wands of fire and was
afraid of the green slimes he might summon. Just
bribed the two lawfuls out of the game.

Goodbye Kari the Demigod...

You went to your reward with 4519436 points,
Frost Brand (worth 3000 zorkmids and 7500 points)
Cleaver (worth 1500 zorkmids and 3750 points)
Stormbringer (worth 8000 zorkmids and 20000 points)
Dragonbane (worth 500 zorkmids and 1250 points)
The Heart of Ahriman (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points)
1 dilithium crystal (worth 4500 zorkmids),
1 diamond (worth 4000 zorkmids),
2 amulets of life saving (worth 300 zorkmids),
and 0 pieces of gold, after 96855 moves.
You were level 20 with a maximum of 210 hit points when you

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July 15, 2005 2:30:10 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

Hey, Thats great!

Having never ascended myself and having never gotten past even level 9
without using wizard mode... i think thats pretty cool. It must have
been terriable to die on the astral plane!

My problem is that I just hack and descend about 4X the speed i am
supposed to and i know very little about how to play... im still not
sure how to use a mage's magic....

Well anyway.. congrats!

July 15, 2005 5:11:08 AM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

In article <db6egd$df5$>,
Timo Lajunen <> wrote:
>Went down to the castle, played some music with no luck.

[ ... ]

>After a huge amount of sacrifising Set finally gave me the tune.

Are you aware that you can work out the tune via another method? (or
failing that, get into the castle via another method?)



Philip Kendall <>
July 15, 2005 3:42:01 PM

Archived from groups: (More info?)

"Philip Kendall" <> wrote:
> Are you aware that you can work out the tune via another method? (or
> failing that, get into the castle via another method?)

I know, but when I tried to mastermind the tune, I got no clues.
I don't know why, perhaps I wasn't close enough. For a moment
I thought about using the backdoor acces, but I was rather afraid of the
eels in the moat. I hadn't genoed them yet and I was short on any