Mouse mat causes mouse to cursor to move on its own.

Title says it all. Its a gigabyte ghost mouse mat and my mouse is a razer naga molten edition.

I've managed to isolate it by trying different surfaces and it seems its my mouse mat that causes this.
Any solutions on how to fix this? i really don't feel like replacing the mouse mat.
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  1. Lower the sensitivity or the dpi? Otherwise I guess you need a new mouse mat or a new mouse if you're sure it's the surface.
  2. Hello, I think there is less friction between the mouse mat and the desk. Have you tried putting a cardboard or a plain paper below the mat. That could solve your problem as it worked for me. Please reply.
  3. I have this exact same setup. To the TEE. I even bought the 2013 razer naga thinking it was a tracking issue with the mouse. Problem was still there. I used a piece of cardboard cut to the exact size of the mat and the issue went away. I've been using it 3 weeks since I did this with no issue.
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