Need a cooling support for alienware m17x

I'm asking this for a friend, he has problems with cooling his laptop (he had a problem that we think it's graphic-card related, a lot of vertical stripes and screen flickring probably due to overheating) and he was looking for a good laptop-support with cooling system that can survive to 5Kg (yea it weights a lot) and has a 17'' screen (I don't know the size of the computer)

Any suggestion?

About the graphic card, because his computer is in warranty, he can eventually change it. Do you think it's a production problem or just something caused to overheating? (or can be something relateed to water, it's raining a lot here and his computer was a bit wet even in the bag)

Thanks for any suggestion
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  1. There's not enough information here to give you a definitive answer. One of the things you pay for with an Alienware system is tech support - I would use those lines to get the problem fixed.
  2. just raise the laptop 3-5cm, u might use some laptop stand, or just make it yourself somehow. a few cm lift-off does wonders for a laptop. if that doesnt help, there are cheap laptop stands +- cooler on them. but i do think that u should not have any heat issues as it is. maybe also check for dust ?
  3. Mhhh ok laptopstands is what he would like.

    The main problem is that we are italian, so we don't have the same support that alienware give to american (and I think support is from dell, not alienware).

    However my friend use the laptop to play and work, so it should stay on for 14 hours too... maybe that's the problem? I don't think so, alienware laptop should work for a lot of hours, am I wrong?

    Where can I find a good laptop stand with cooler?
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