SHould I wait or should I buy now? AMD 1.4C


I am so very close in purchasing an Athlon 1.4.

Question: Should I wait for Athlon 4? Is it turning up in October??

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  1. Can you wait until Oct? If so, wait.. coz by then
    the Athlon 1.4 will be cheaper.. or if you have the
    cash get the Athlon MP or whatever its called.

    If not, get an Athlon 1.2 or 1.33 instead.. virtually
    similar performance for less.


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  2. I guess I can wait till then, but if I were to purchase the 1.4 now, what MB would you recommend? I would like to tun it with DDR ram.

    Was thinking of combining ABit's KT7-RAID, 1.4 gig, DDR 256

    How does that sound to you guys? Is the AMD MP out?? We dont' have it here yet in New Zealand.
  3. The Abit KT7-RAID does not support DDR. On top of that,
    it doesn't support 133Mhz bus speeds. That would be the
    KT7A board, but that doesn't support DDR either.

    I don't know about DDR boards, I'm sort waiting on the
    side lines until all the dust settles down before I buy

    Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
  4. Thanks Kuro.. haven't been putting in much thought about the DDRs as well. excuse the ignorance on the abit KT7raid.

    Guess it's back to the waiting game. Gotta built a machine for testing OS like Linux Redhat. I know it's an overkill but I like it fast..

    Cheers dude.
  5. Normally I would say don't wait, as there is always something better right around the corner. However, there is so much new technology coming right around the corner that you can only win by waiting.

    If the Palomino, nForce, and Tualatin are not as good as advertised, then go with the latest Athlon, as it will be less expensive then it is today. But the nForce is supposed to boost Athlon performance by up to 20%, and is worth waiting for the reviews. The Tualatin is the Intel choice that will finally come close to the Athlon in performance (except for its weak FPU), but will probably be priced right out of the market.

    I was going to upgrade my old Pentium 200 mmx this month, but I will wait until October to see all of the new offerings. Price/performance will dictate my decision.

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  6. 200MMX? What kind? You can upgrade most of those to 400MHz for less than $50.

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  7. That makes sense jlbigguy..I guess 4 months isn't that long in tech terms aye?

    Damn.. this is gonna make me go crazy waiting..
  8. For DDR boards, try the Iwil KK266 or the Asus A7M266.
    They've both gotten great reviews on this site.

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  9. I have no plans to upgrade the 200mmx itself, at any price.

    I have 4 machines at home, and this is the slowest. Its primary use is for AOL and word processing. My daughter is not into games, so she does not need a high power machine.

    However, my son is into games, and he currently has a Celeron 450 with a TNT2-M64. It is still adequate, but his is the machine that will be replaced with the latest and greatest (depending on price) this Fall. My daughter will get his Celeron machine, and the 200mmx will be retired, dismantled, and sold as parts.

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  10. How much can u sell a p200 mmx for? or its parts for that matter? : )

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  11. A friend of mine owns a PC business. He sells new PCs that he builds to customer specs, and is an internet provider as well. However, he makes more money selling used equipment then he does new. He still has a large demand for older, slower equipment that can still be used as a reliable word processor, or simply for surfing the web. My 200mmx with 64meg ram, video card, modem, and 6GB hard drive is worth about $150 to him.

    Once refurbished, he more then doubles his money on the old equipment. Surprising, but that is how he makes his living.

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  12. October?! Some online stores are already selling Athlon 4 1.4 GHz, ETA of August 5.

  13. Well it isn't total ignorance. Abit's K<b>G</b>7 RAID will be in stock the first week of July. It is THE anticipated DDR Athlon board.

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  14. Kia Ora, fellow Kiwi, why haven't you left the country like the rest of us?

    Athlon 4 ain't that wonderful. Just go grab a 1.2Ghz 133Mhz FSB, you'll be a happy man after that. The real thing to wait for is either the nForce or SiS735 mobos if you want a fast system. CPU just aint the bottleneck it used to be.

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  15. Hi fellow Kiwi,

    I am actually on the look out for MB with the SIS 735. The reviews of the chiset is amazing. I have heard news that Intel is actually pumping money into SIS. Using the backdoor approach to kick AMD's ass. I'm sure AMD knows about it but see what a bigshot company will do to stump their competition.

    Have any idea when the new SIS 735 board will surface?

  16. Thanks Fatburger.

    Will check out those review here. Wasn't planning to go for DDR but theie prices has plumeted and it's cheap.

  17. You are kidding Leo.. Athlon 4 is already out or are you speaking of August launch? Damn..

    You got a site where I can check it out?
  18. KG7 huh? I'll keep a look out for reviews on this board.. I like Abit and I hope this board will kick some majoy boards ass. Finger's cross.. Let's hope they role out the SIS 735 chitset soon.
  19. Quote:
    Athlon 4 is already out or are you speaking of August launch?

    No, it's not. Only Athlon 1.4G (Thunderbird core) is selling right now. Athlon 4 is Palomino core.

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  20. Hi Khha,

    So when can we all expect the Palomino core?

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  22. Thanks Leo. That's was informational.
  23. Not sure why Intel would pump money into the sis735 to kick AMD's butt since the chipset excels with AMD processors and it performs very poorly for Intel processors. There isn't going to be any buttkicking, but Intel might be funding Sis in order to level the playing field.

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  24. wait more longer
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