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I finally gonna upgrade my old ass box and I'm planning on getting me a nice TBird and o/cing it to Hell. However, I'm a bit confused about a couple of things. First off, are all Tbirds unlockable via the pen method or has AMD put a stop to that? I've been seeing these 266 Athlons pop up. Im assuming thats the speed of the FSB. Right? Do they offer a substantial performance increase over the traditional TBirds? Do i need 133 mhz RAM for them or are the FSB and RAM speeds asynchronous?

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!
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  1. generally you'll need PC133 (or DDR2100) memory for a 266FSB chip as most boards I am seeing do not support slower memory with faster chips.

    Many t-birds ship unlocked now (luck of the draw) and to my knowledge none are locked in a way such that you cannot change it. No noews of this changing either!

    266 is DDR 133FSB, yes.

    The performance increase is debateable since you can 99.9% certain run new 200FSB chips at 266 anyway.

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  2. Yeah, I think my 1.2/266 came unlocked, although I'm not sure about that yet.

    Oh, and it's a pencil, not a pen.

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  3. go on - crank it up!

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  4. Oh right right pencil. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. ...unless it's silver trace correction pen

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  6. get some decent ram and you can overclock the FSB as well!

    pretty much luck of the draw if you core is unlocked or not.
    if it isnt, you can do it yourself. if it is then its even easier.

    running your ram synchronously is good. i.e. 266fsb with 133mhz ram. (or 2100 ddr)

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  7. Yeah, I'm going to overclock it, believe me. I'm just waiting til I have a good couple of hours uninterrupted.

    ...unless it's silver trace correction pen

    Very true. I just didn't want someone using a ballpoint :)

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