Free windows 7 boot disc for emachine laptop

I have an emachine laptop, and it will not come on to go to windows 7, and it will not let me do the system boot or anything... What should I do? Please help me
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  1. No point, its the laptop, it says it all by saying it`s an emachine.
    They are not the best makers of laptops or Pc tower systems.
    Because they use the cheapest parts and component`s on there board`s in laptop`s and desktop motherboards also.
    The failure rate of them is disliked by many people. As I said they use the cheapest parts they can get there hands on, likely the cause. The very fact it does not power on, post or boot to windows tells you that.
    I don`t bother with them for that reason, my best advice is, if it is still under warranty send it back if you can for a fix, or put simply it may be a case of buying a new laptop.
    But seriously avoid emachines laptops or tower systems. They are not worth the price they ask for them due to the reasons stated. And trust me the amount I have had to look at to try to fix to say it`s a dead mobo say it all to me.
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