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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
January 3, 2013 12:35:24 AM

Im looking for a computer speaker system either a premaid logitec (ect.) system or something i can peice together.

things im looking for

1. quality
2. stomach churrning bass
3. something i can turn all the way up and not blow up

to ballpark the bass im looking for my car has a 12in RE audio sub with 2600w running to it. i doubt that a premade set will have that kinda power but basicaly i want to feel the bass or at least know its there.

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January 3, 2013 3:57:04 PM

i here the corsair sp2500 are amazing and are up with Bose high end stuff they are 2.1 with a big subwoofer for great bass. hope you got a good sound card if not get one! i would recommend an asus card in the 70< range or 1 of the sound blaster Z's which they say are a very big improvement over last gen

link to newegg-
January 4, 2013 7:51:14 PM

The problem with computer speakers is that they haven't yet caught up to home theater type speakers even though the sound cards will produce 7.1.
I have this set for my speaker set up.

For when I need to not blow the windows out or so someone can watch tv in the other room and not think WW3 is taking place in the computer room I have this headphone set.
January 5, 2013 4:47:07 AM

i personally buy super nice PC peripherals (i build my own PCs ofc).

the reason i do so is because when i upgrade/ build a new PC i take my old PC monitor and speakers and use them in my new PC.

so with that said i would definitely recommend the Logi tech Surround Sound Speaker System Z906 (980-000467).

amazon had it for $250 on black friday o.O
you aint going to get it for $250, and just bc amazon had it for $250 on black friday doesnt mean they will have it again for $250 next year.

it run for about $325-$350 now a days.

BTW i use the dell U2711 for my monitor