DELL M4500 Laptop - Is Max memory 8GB or 16GB?

Hi All,

I have a question re: the DELL M4500 Laptop:

According to the Dell product specs, it supports up to 16GB RAM.

However, none of the 5 CPUs supported (Intel® CoreTM i7 (940XM, 840QM, 740QM, 640M), Intel® CoreTM i5 (580M)), support more than 8GB of RAM: (940xm) (840qm) (740qm) (640m) (580m)

Can someone please explain how to determine if the laptop does indeed support 16GB of RAM, and if so, why do the Intel CPu spec pages say they only support 8GB?

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  1. Yes, Dell is probably off there. They probably mean that the motherboards in the laptops can support 16GB, not the CPU. I'd go by Intel on that one and say that it is 8GB.
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