T-bird overheating

This is really beginning to annoy me. I have a 700Mhz T-bird and its running at 140 degrees F!!! I have a anatec cooler on it with plenty of thremal paste, and that heat sink replaced an older one and made it hotter. I also have 3 case fans. So I can't figure out how to get it to a reasonable temp. Please help!!!
Asus A7V
T-bird 700
256Mg ram
30Gb HD
TNT2 vid
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  1. I have an 850 running as hot as your's - see below at the thread on AMD's overheating - I"m learning as I go.
  2. do you live in a hot place with no a/c???

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  3. When you say "plenty of thermal paste," does that mean you put an excessive amount on? The reason I ask is because I have heard that once you put too much thermal paste on, it does the exact opposite of what you want it to. It acts as a barrier an prevents thermal radiation. Just thought I would ask.
  4. I have heard the same thing. But the clip applies so much pressure against the low viscosity past, it should sqeeze out the excess in most situations.

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  5. I just place a very thin coat on the cpu much less then a Pee size dab, very thin, none on the HSF. Too much will place a layer of thermal grease which doen't conduct as good as the metal. Its whole purpose is to just fill in the small microscopic dings and imperfections and to get rid of air pockets which are very good insulators to heat transfer. If it oozes out the side when you install the heat sink then you have placed too much on the surface.
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