Change fuse at epson perfection 4490 photo

I was normaly working with my scanner in the evening. Next day in the morning, there was not energy
in the device. The start & stop button was usefull for absolutelly nothing. So I guess the fuse has gone.
In an Official Technical Service they told me they should change the electronic board. It costs more than
150 Eur. Near the 75% of the price of the machine. So I want to try to change the fuse if there is any.
This is before buying a new scanner a little cheaper.
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  1. Ubrales said:

    Thanks for yor suggestions. But nothing of those advises are usefull in my case, since there is no ligth in any oprearating button. I have already disassembled all the base included the electronic board. But there is not easy to find a replaceable fuse.

    So I shall wait till next monday to check if the charger adapter is working and giving the 24v DC. It may be the reason of not having energy in the device. If I find something new I shall post it for general knowlege.
  2. Yes please do!
  3. After checking the charger voltage (it was O.K. at 24.4v) I proceeded to assembly all in its place.
    And for my surprise IT WORKED. Since I actually have repaired nothing, my theory is that the connector between the board and the start/stop button sholud be a little loose. So when I put it again in its place, it
    was well pluged and so it is solve.

    In these two last days I tested the scanner by doing near 100 works of documents and photo-negatives and
    everything is correct.

    The graceful think is that in the meantime I have bougtht a new device EPSON V370 PHOTO. And now I have the doubt of return it or not.

    Thanks for the help you gave me.
  4. If you did not use the new new Epson, there is nothing wrong in returning it.
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