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I'm going to be replacing an old 486 with a Pentium Pro 180 that will operate in a dusty environment. My first question is, will a 145W power supply be enough for the motherboard, hard drive, Riva 128 vid card, CD, and floppy? I won't have a modem or network card in it. I couldn't find the wattage listed for a 180 on the Intel site. My main question is, do you guys have any ideas on how to prevent dust from getting in the computer? It sits in a small enclosure that keeps most of the dust out, but also doesn't allow for much circulation. I know these are odd questions, but I figure there are people in this forum who would know the answers or have some ideas. Thanks.

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  1. well i was thinking... as its gonna be in a real dusty location, you might want to seal the Computer up completely.
    but if your going to do that you need a very cool running processor.

    you could possibly get a much faster processor (say a duron 600), then underclock it back to 200 or so. reduce the voltage at the same time. or possibly a low power consuming laptop. seal that up tight and run it at minimum speed and it should be ok...

    just some crazy ideas,
    blame my hamster for em :)

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  2. the best way is preventative maintenance -0 you'll never keep all the dust out.

    Try to avoid cd and floppy drives if you can, seal them up with tape, use a case that has not fancy air slots or vents or holes drilled, seal all the joints with (removable) tape and and use filters on the fan intakes. Clean them regularly. You'd be surprised how many holes there are in a case. Seal them. Another tip, have passive extraction of air, or at least more intake than output. If you are sucking air into the case using extractor fans, the case air pressure is relatively lower encouraging air and dust intake from holes, joints, speaker grilles etc. If you push air into the case using intake fans with a filter on them and then allow that air out of a vent hole, the case is relatively over pressure and encourages air to blow out of these small holes, helping to prevent dust incursion.

    Tape it all up...

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  3. if you have an intake fan in your case, you can cover it with air-con filter to prevent most (not all) dust from coming in.

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