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Hello, I recently had to install a new mobo and now I can't get into windows 7. Is there a way to back up my files even though I can't access windows 7? Thank you.
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  1. If you're BSODing due to old chipset drivers you can enter Safe Mode by pressing F8 before the Windows loading screen shows. From there, you can do sysprep to wipe your PC of all drivers and leave OS and all programs intact.
    Here's how:
    1) Go to C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep and open sysprep.exe
    2) Select OOBE and Reboot, check 'Generalize' and confirm with OK. Wait for the PC to finish working, it's going to reboot automatically
    3) You'll get screen to input all the info just like if you reinstalled your OS, in account name type anything other than what your current account is called
    4) Once that's done, log off and log back in with your old account
    5) Open Control Panel > User accounts > Manage another account and delete the freshly made account

    This should restore your PC to the state prior to replacing your motherboard. Now all you have to do is reinstall the drivers and you're done. Programs, apps and user settings will stay intact as previously mentioned.
  2. Thank you for the replies. I appreciate it. To respond to your post Soda, I can't get into safe mode either. It tries to load then just restarts my computer.
  3. Is the current Windows 7 installation OEM or retail version?
  4. Retail version.
  5. Have you tried to do a start up repair with your win7 disc?
  6. Yes, didn't help at all.
  7. Yes well Penwell26, the reason for it may have to do with the setting in the Bios.
    For example.

    How was the old drive setup on the old board. And what interface mode was selected for it from the old board. By that I mean Sata mode, Or Ahci mode for the Hd controller of the board. You may want to try and switch between the two options in the bios of the new board.
    And it may get to the point where you can get to the windows booting options by the F8 key without the looping before it gets there ok. Have a look, Give it a try.

    After that if it works just follow Soda`s instructions to clean out all the old driver set of the old board, so you can install all the drivers for the new board on a restart.
    I am presuming the the windows install disk simply failed because it could not find the Hd in the system, or because of the last way it was set up and the interface mode used for the drive off the first old board used is set wrong in the new boards bios Hd interface mode.
  8. Thank you so much for the replies. i will try when i get home from work
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