Some good temp news for A7V users!

I don't know if you know that, but ASUSs newest 1008 BIOS update corrects so temp issues. If you experience problem with A7V and temp of your CPU - that should probobly fix it. I have done some research and after 1008 update some people reported up to 15 degrees fall down! from 60 to 45 celcius... (this is kind of strange thing ..) it also allows to put 1.4ghz Athlons on A7V. This is only a BETA update and it is german, they should have englsh non-beta update soon. THE QUESTION IS:"DOES 1008 INCLUDE 1007 UPDATE?" Will it give us some more issues??? try and report to me if you want!
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  1. a shame it doesnt include the a7v133
    latest bios i have is 1005a

    My Hamster doesnt like sarcasm. He may very well bite you in your hard to reach places!
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