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i've got a coolermaster HSF, and i've heard from some of those so-called expert hardware dealers that the fan of the coolermaster sucks the air out of the HSF, thereby keeping the heatsink cool...

but then, when i put my hand very near the HSF, i don't feel any air coming out, so i thought maybe the fan sucks air in instead...

so i'd like to ask you experts here whether does the fan blow air out, or does it suck air in??? i've tried going back to the dealer and ask, but he said lotsa crap and beat about the bush, and after the 1 hour conversation with me, ended up concluding that not all HSF are the same, some HSF fans blow air in, while others suck air out...

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  1. sorry, after posting this, i realised that this question is in the wrong thread, but pls forgive me, i'm kinda new here

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  2. Your right, some do cause air flow from the heatsink to the fan while others the air flow goes from the fan through the heat sink. My Alpha ss the sucky kind, air first flows from heatsink then through the fan. I am going to use that feature to direct the air from the cpu fan to outside the case, thus eliminating the major heat source inside the case.
  3. the easiest way to determine whether the fan on
    your HSF is sucking or blowing is to look at the
    fan orientation on it. Which direction are the
    fins faced (the concave face)? Which direction
    of rotation.. those two factors will tell you
    what you need to know.

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  4. the best way to check is by <i>feeling</i> the rotation of the fan using your index finger.

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  5. A piece of toilet paper or smoke from a cigarette you will be able to tell. My cpu fan blows so much it is easy to tell just by feel.
  6. your fan blows toward the cpu like it should. that guy at the copmuter store if full of sh!t like most sells man


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  7. Most blow, with good reason-fans pull air form the sides, effectively reducing the lenght of your cooling fins in suck configuration. Blowing pushes the air all the way to the base of the fins, allowing better cooling. Also, the air further away from the motherboard is cooler than the air near the motherboard, so blowing give you cooler air.

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  8. hmmm.. ok guys, thanx for your advice!
    now i can conclude that, although my dealer is crappy, he's partially right : most fans blow air in, but there are some which blow air out, according to crashman...

    btw, i've got another qns : anyone has ever used the Thermaltake Dragon Orb before? it looks cool, and the benchmarks at seems pretty impressive...

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  9. I disagree, sucking can give you cooler air if you discharge the hot air outside the case. Which would keep the air inside the case cooler for the air flow through the heat sink. If the cpu fan blows on the heat sink the air is warmed up and remains in the case until the intake and/or exhaust fan removes it. Still the equalibrium temperture inside the case will be warmer then the intake air coming in if you are releasing the heat inside the case. The real trick is to exhaust the heat from the cpu directly to outside the case.
  10. Yes, but then your sucking warm air from inside through the heatsink and exhausting it. Better to blow cooler outside air into the heatsink using the same aperatus with the fan reversed.

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  11. Agreed, the coldest air would be air outside the case being ported to the cpu fan, blowing through the heat sink. This may warm up the case requiring case fans to keep other components cool but you are right. Also the cpu fan would help pump air through the case vice just circulating the air inside. This would also make it easy to direct an air conditioning air duct to this CPU air duct resulting in significant cooling of the cpu and the case. These are all good ideas.
  12. I have a coolermaster dp5 6i11 and the fan blows onto the heatsink by default. I tried reversing this orientation so that it sucked air from the heatsink, but the results were not as good. I have a case fan sucking air in from the lower front of the case and another case fan blowing air out of the back.

    I have 1.75 VCore, 1.2 GHz running at 1.4, summer time here ambient 30, cpu temp 46 idle, 52 full load. I might try making a plastic shaft to direct airflow from CPU to exhaust keeping the top and bottom of the shaft open and experimenting.

    I would close the top of the shaft normally but I have an enermax PS which has a fan sucking some air from above the CPU, nice little touch by enermax :)

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  13. <font color=blue> :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I can't believe this thread has so many comments! Jesus, a guy can't tell whether his fan is blowing or sucking?! I would have to ask him to please take the coffee mug off of the CD-ROM holder first.

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  14. To ensure good cool air to your cpu either ventilate case well, or supply cool air to your cpu, since your cpu fan blows into the heatsink, use ducting like you said directly from an outside air source. Then your cpu will not be affected by inside case temperture.
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