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There is a problem with my computer. Every time I connect a USB-wireless keyboard or mouse, it starts to bug out a few hours later. When I would use them, they would freeze frequently. I know it is not the keyboard and mouse, because I have tried over 5 different keyboard/mouse combos, all of which had begun to freeze. I also tried them on a different computer, and they worked perfectly. I built the computer myself, and the components are in my signature. I hope someone can help me out, because I am currently using a wired keyboard and mouse, both of which are extremely uncomfortable in my setup.
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  1. Where do you have the wireless adapter plugged in , the front or the back USB ports ?
    Do you have the USB drivers up to date ? If you go into device manager are there any yellow triangles ?
  2. I connect it usually in the back. I have both usb 2.0 and 3.0 hubs there, and have tried both. And i checked the device manager, and there are no yellow triangles.
  3. Your trying to connect through a USB hub or connecting directly inro the USB ports in the case ?
  4. i havent opened my computer and tried to connect it directly on one of the usb hubs on the motherboard, if thats what you mean. I connected it on the back of my pc, without any extensions or splitters.
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    doesn't anyone know? :(
  6. It's sounding like there may be a driver conflict with some other software or hardware on your computer.
    Have you tried going into the action center and running the trouble shooter to see if it comes up with something.
    You can also go into the event viewaer to see what was recorded for an event when the freezing occured.
  7. I went into action center, and i looked for troubleshoots in hardware, to no luck.
    and there were no recorded events in the event viewer for hardware issues.
    could it possibly be a faulty motherboard?
  8. It could be and then it could be something else also. Things like this is like chasing a ghost and you don't know where to look. There has to be something recorded when the computer continualy freezess like that. I know you said you looked and there was nothing.
  9. It's not the computer that freezes, it's the mouse and keyboard. Sometimes I would be on a video game, and suddenly my keyboard would stop working for a second, or my mouse wouldn't move. The game would still be running, but I could not move.

    Other than that, I have solved several other, smaller errors on my computer. I will try again with a wireless mouse and keyboard and see if it will work.
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    still not working :(
    my mouse frequently freezes. Its not due to the mouse pad, because i've tried it on several different surfaces.
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    I am having same issue usually while playing. Can anyone please help
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