Partitioning a Win7 Acer Aspire Laptop to have an XP drive, driver compatibility

Hi, there's an old game I want to play on my Acer Aspire 5742 laptop (64 bit) running Windows 7 which isn't compatible with that version of Windows.

I created a partition and installed XP on it and the game installs correctly (installation wouldn't even start on Win7) and it runs. However, the drivers I got when I bought the laptop are only compatible with Win7 (video drivers, wifi/lan drivers, the audio driver works fine on XP however).

Because of this driver problem, I have no graphics driver to run the game (I know it works because I can start the game and hear the audio). I also couldn't connect to the internet to find and update drivers on that specific machine.

So I searched for them on another computer but after hours of searching, downloading and transferring the files to my Acer, failed to find any compatible with XP.

The Acer website which I downloaded these drivers from mentions they work on XP in the description but they wouldn't install, giving the error 'not support on this operating system' or similar.

FYI the hardware for the drivers I needed were:
- Lite-on Wireless LAN 3rd WiFi BGN Atheros HB97 (OR Broadcom LAN BCM57780 for ethernet connection)
- Intel VGA Chip UMA

I'm not very tech savvy so there's probably more important ones I need without realising it.

Has anyone had any success with this sort of problem and can offer some advice as to how I can proceed?


PS. If there's anything else you need to know about the machine software/hardware in order to figure out a solution just let me know.
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  1. When you tried to install it on your windows 7 OS did you go to properties and run it in compatibility mode for xp
  2. The install file has compatibility mode grayed out
  3. Use VirtualBox to create a VM and play it on that.
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