Ok, Just built a power system, and now my dad wants me to convert our old home movies (VHS) to DVD...

what is the best solution such as Hardware to get?

i know pinnacle makes some good stuff, what do you guys reccomend?

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  1. Can't an All in Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro do that job?

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  2. Pinnacle is good and has some decent software with it. I guess you could try your current video card for video capture and see how it works.

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  3. i bought a LeadTek Gf4 ti4200 8x 128mb vid card, you think this will do the job good?

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  4. I use the All In Wonder Radeon 9700 with a Sony DRU-500a. Yes...it does the DVD quality that you want. I have an analog Hi8 Camera hooked up to the AIW...bring the video in at DVD quality and then burn to DVD using MyDVD that came with the Sony drive. Quality is actually pretty good.

  5. You may capture video only if your LeadTek Gf4 ti4200 is the ViVo edition.
  6. yes i did get the ViVo edition... So will this card Capture stuff pretty well?..

    also, can i hook this up to a regular tv and capture, say streaming tv shows.. ex, the sopranos... or something like that?

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  7. by the way, Bobmitch..

    I have heard bad things about the Sony Dvd burner..

    In your opinion how do you like it's performance so far?

    many people are saying that the drive is making alot of coasters?

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  8. Rob423

    I use Sony DVD-R, Verbatim DVD-R, and FujiFilm DVD-R...never a coaster. I also use Phillips DVD+RW and Sony DVD+RW...no coasters with these either. I upgraded to firmware 1.0f and the drive is a lot less picky about media it burns to.

  9. Yes, your Leadtek card can capture tv shows if hooked up to a tv set, but don't expect too much from it in terms of imported image quality. If you're really serious about video capturing/editing, then you should consider a dedicated capture card or a solution from Pinnacle.
  10. Bob Mitch, can you give me a quick little review in your words on how the Sony DVD burner works?

    have you seen the Hp200i, which one is better?

    speed wise, quality, just alittle overall review of what you think of the sony.. since you actually own one and use it.

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  11. Making a DVD is easy. First, the Sony Drive comes with a lot of programs...but most notably is Sonic MyDVD 4. With that in mind...here is how I have made DVD's.

    I use the AIW 9700 Pro to do an mp2 import. 720 x 480 8000kb. At this bitrate...I can fit about 70 minutes of movie on the DVD. The more you cut down the bitrate...the more movie you will fit.

    I import using Multimedia Center 8.0 that comes with the AIW. No further encoding is necessary. Once done...I open MyDVD 4 and open the movie file I just created. If it is small enough to fit on the DVD without editing...you will see the BURN button. Click on it and MyDVD takes over. About 15 minutes later (depending on the speed of the blank DVD you use) you have a viewable DVD. I use DVD-R or DVD + R and my JVC DVD player will recognize both. MyDVD really makes it easy.

    Other ways to do this...encode in .avi and then the accompanying program that comes with the drive kicks in and will encode for you (This process is very long). So I choose the former.

    I had the chance to pick up the HP drive on sale one day and opted to wait until I could get the Sony. As I stated earlier...I have yet to burn a coaster. I am pleased and really like the idea of the drive burning DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, CD-RW and CD-R. As stated...DVD-R and DVD+R at 4X (about 24X CD speed) and DVD-RW at 2.4 and DVD+RW at 2X. The CD Burning speed is 24x10x32. The HP drive only burns regular CD's at 16X.

    Hope this is helpful. Hey, noticed that you are getting your Hitachi CML174 on Friday. I hope you like it as much as I do mine. Very fast...Extremely bright. The backpanel is SOOOO bright it appears silver.

  12. Your VIVO leadtec card will work. It doesn't have the best quality capture, but it should be fine for converting from VHS to DVD. It will work from the TV as well, but once again it does not have the best quality capture. I recommend trying the leadtec card first and then if you start to get serious about video capture you can get a Pinacle card.

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  13. thanks man,

    HOLY SMOKES this monitor kicks serious ass... i don't know how people can even be concered about the color its producing . the color and brightness is Exceptional!

    when the desktop showed up for the first time, with the original background (the one with the hills and sky!) wow the quality looked like HDTV! lol

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