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I am thinking of building the top-ass pc based on the AMD T-bird 266Mhz/FSB

Which is the best MOBO around
1 --> MSI K7T PRO limited edition /with VIA KT 133
2 --> MSI K7T 266 PRO (MS 6380)/ with VIA KT266
3 --> other MOBO (possible with the ALi or AMD chipset)

I could use some help

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  1. DDR mobo or SDR mobo? #2 would be a nice choice
  2. I would like to use DDR PC2100
    minimum 256 Megs
    I would also want to add the Geforce 2 Mx 64MB
    (twin vieuw + TV-out)
  3. Asus A7m266
    Iwill KK266
    Both nice boards
    Or wait for the nForce

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  4. I have the MSI k7t pro-r. It's pretty nice, I stuck 512mb of ddr in it. Here's my setup:

    Motherboard -
    MSI K7T266 PRO-R RAID, Via PRO 266 chipset ultra

    CPU -
    AMD IN STOCK. Athlon (Tbird) 1.2Ghz, 266 FSB, 256K Cache

    Memory - x2
    Micron Technology 256MB DDR 266MHz PC2100 DIMM 32x64 Unbuffered, 184-pin

    Video -

    CD/RW -
    Plextor IN STOCK, PLEXWRITER 12x10x32 CD-RW(E-IDE

    DVD -
    Pioneer IN STOCK - DVD-106S - 16x DVD / 40x CD-ROM

    Floppy -
    Teac 1.44MB Flop.

    Hard Drives - x2

    It's pretty sweet, we're still working on some problems with getting the dvd player to play dvd's smoothly, but other than that all the "kinks" are worked out. That board had a problem where it would just not boot sometimes, but all the lights would be on and stuff, but MSI had a fix already there, so that was the end of that problem.

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