My monitor keeps flickering need help

My monitor keeps flickering when i play games for eg farmville 2 on facebook. It flickers rapidly and ends up going completely black although the power to the monitor does not turn off. I have no graphic card in my PC. My monitor is Samsung SyncMaster 794MG, I have tried to uninstall and re install my video drivers but the problem still persists, i was able to play these games before the problem has started recently.....need help as its extremely annoying. System config: Intel pentium dual core proc 3.0 GHZ, 1 GB RAM. The power supply came with the cabinet(Touchmate) itself.
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  1. Have you checked the video cable going from the monitor to the computer to make sure it's not loose ?
    Is it only when playing games that the flickering takes place ?
  2. yes it's only happening when i play games or say if i use skype.
  3. yup have checked my video cable
  4. When trouble shooting a problem it's best to be able to eliminate things that it could be and one thing that could be eliminated is the monitor if you could try it on another computer to see if it flickers then as well.
    Also if you could try another monitor on your computer.
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