Partion 32/x64 Unable to View

First HDD (Original, with Windows 32-bit installed):

Partitioned in 3 Drives,
C:\ OS
D:\ Backup
E:\ Work

Second HDD (Now Primary, Windows x64 installed)
C:\ OS
F:\ Storage

First HDD C:\ OS partition was now hidden, while other partition drives were available to be seen and you could access them, so i went into Controls->Admin Tools->Partition Tools (Assigned the old C:\ OS a drive letter to H:\ )

So now H:\ is assigned and but unable to view the contents it is blank in Windows Explorer and Drive Properties shows that it has 42GB used space and about 7gb free space left on H:\, but the other 2 Partions on the first drive still remain its contents like its supposed too

How do fix this so i can turn H:\ (which used to be C:\ OS) into normal displayed drive, i want to keep the contents on that drive and transfer them over to my F:\ Storage then format H:\ but i cant seem to view the contents to do so

Any one have this problem before?
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  1. You never said what type of interface you were using with your drives.
    I am hoping it is SATA. in that case change the boot drive to Sata port one.
    And the origonal one to Sata port 2.
  2. First HDD (which is my old HDD is Ultra IDE), my new HDD is SATA i have it pluged into SATA_1
  3. Proxicide,

    You might need to take ownership of the files / folders / contents in the drive -- have you tried this?

    Can you also try to change the drive letter? Maybe unplug the IDE drive, boot up once, and then shutdown (reconnect IDE drive) then reboot.

    Do any of these suggestions work?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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    Can you still boot into the original 32 bit OS? If yes, then use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard to get the files you want off that drive and restore them to your 64 bit system.
    Note: Data files only, any programs will need reinstalation.
    If the the 32 bit OS is not Windows 7, then use your W7 dvd.
    To use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard:
    Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory.
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