Wierd Problem need help :)

I have a wierd problem that started occuring to me. All of a sudden out of the blue my pc started reseting itself randomly in windows or dos. I looked at all the fans and they are working fine. I did diags on all my pieces like cpu, me etc and they passed. I cant figure out whats wrong. Im thinking mabye the cpu is overheating somehow? but the fan is fine and it never gave me a problem before. Anyone have some input on this? Would be appreciated allot! I have a 667mhz p3 with 256k ram thatks.
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  1. I'm assuming that's "256M" and not "256k" of RAM? :wink:

    Anyways...in my experience, the most common cause of random reboots is memory errors. It's possible that either you added some faulty/incompatible memory, or your memory has developed problems all of a sudden. How long has it been since you last did anything inside your comp (added hardware, re-seated memory, etc)?


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  2. Yea sorry its 256M =) its 1 dimm. I haven't added anything to the comp for about a year. I also did a burn in test on the mem chip and it came back with no errors. I also changed the slot where the memory sits around to no avial. I was thinking of putting a 1gig p3 in anyways since its cheap and i need a bit more speed, but Im not sure it will fix my problem. Can you think of anyway I can verify with a good program mabye if its the cpu or memory? or anything else. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Ensure that you aren't getting any power dips
    from your PSU.. that might cause it.

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  4. I strongly suggest haviong your power supply checked this is the main cause of the problems in which you are expeiancing.

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  5. Thanks for all the info guys :) I appreciate it, I do have a redundant PSU and I get no warning lights from it, but Im going to swap it out and see if thats the root of the problem!
  6. <font color=blue>Kell and ncogneto are both right. It is likely ram or ps. but if you are worried about overheating you should have Motherboard monitor installed on you computer and know for sure. You can get it here <A HREF="http://mbm.livewiredev.com/" target="_new">http://mbm.livewiredev.com/</A>

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  7. yeah my mate is having the same problem.. sort of...
    I used to have the whole resetting thing when i had my P200mmx ages ago... Turned out to be the ol AT P/S

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