t-bird "c" on an a7v?

i talked with mpjesse briefly about this but i thought that i'd trow this thread out to see if anyone else had anything to add. questions?

1. can i put a tbird c on my asus a7v? i have the rev. with the extra dipswitches and the manual says that i can set the "CPU external frequency setting" up to 133mhz.

2. if i set the "CPU external..." (which i assume is the front side bus speed) at 133mhz will i have any problems with any pci cards on the board? the manual says that the pci speed will still remain at 33 mhz with the fsb speed at 133.

3. does this sound right? the difference between the "b" and "c" tbirds is that the "c" can operate with a 133mhz fsb while the "b"'s can't really push much over 110mhz. the problems with the pci devices is that when you bump up the fsb the pci speed gets bumped up gradually also. from 33mhz up to 39mhz. then when i hit 133mhz fsb the pci speed goes back down to 33mhz so i shouldn't have any problems with them if i put a "c" tbird in? right?

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  1. 1. Yes, you can put a Tbird C on A7V, but it can't run at 133MHz (A7V is KT133 chipset that only support 100MHz FSB). It'd run at 100MHz FSB only . For example, if your TB is 1000C (7.5*133), on A7V it will run at 7.5*100=<b><font color=red>750MHz</b></font color=red> unless you change its multiplier to 10x (10*100=<font color=red><b>1000MHz</font color=red></b>.
    2. Yes, you will. Your comp would possibly never be able to POST at all.
    3. No, it depends on mobo. If it doesn't support 133FSB as <font color=red>A7V</font color=red>, you can't. However, it can run fine on <font color=blue>A7V133</font color=blue> (as same as <font color=red>A7V</font color=red> but supports 133FSB).

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  2. 1. i know that the kt133 chipset supposedly only runs at 100mhz fsb but my manual says that i can set the fsb to 133mhz while the pci speed will be at 33mhz, the same that it is at 100mhz fsb. that is if the fsb is the same thing as the "CPU external frequency setting."

    2. why wouldn't it post?

    3. why would my manual say that the fsb can be set to 133fsb if it can't?

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  3. Basically because VIA lied to the board makers about the KT133. Since 133mhz FSB T-Birds where not available everyone thought it was the T-Bird fault for not overclocking past around 115mhz. It turned out that the 'B' T-Birds can over clock much higher then even 133mhz but VIA limited the KT133 because they said they where worried about people burning up the T-Birds. So meaning that VIA limited the design of the KT133 on purpose so that maybe you can buy another chip from them latter.
  4. If I remember correctly it stalls around 112 mhz. Nonetheless you can still buy a 1.4 Ghz Athlon-B.

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  5. unfortunately my multiplier only goes up to 12.5. i'm not really interested in overclocking my fsb just to get an extra 200mhz. a 1.2ghz cpu is faster than any average user needs anyway.

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  6. yeah, he can, but 1.4Ghz Athlon B is more expensive than 1.4Ghz Athlon C
    Athlon C 1.4Ghz - $160
    Athlon B 1.4Ghz - $200
    I wonder why is that...
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