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I was considering buying a 2460x1440 (possibly the Asus PB278Q) screen for my upcoming build in the spring but cant find a place that carries them. I was also looking at a BenQ xl2420T but again I want to see them in person before dropping that kind of money. Does anybody know of any places around Pittsburgh Pa that may carry screens like this.
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  2. Places like Best Buy , Micro Center and Comp USA would be places to look.
  3. The best buy near me carries some pretty low end stuff, and onl had about 7 monitors total to choose from. They didn't carry the benQ or any 2560x1440 monitors. he nearest microcenter is 2 hours from me, which isnt out of the question. It looks like they carry a lower end japanese 2560x1440 monitor, which may at least give me something to go off of. There are no comp usa's or Tiger Directs buy me. I was hoping somebody knew of a mom and pop store that might specialize in this stuff where I could see the monitor.
  4. A lot of places will carry tv's but computer monitors are tough to find in a local store and most people buy online. The best thing to do is your research and reading reviews and feedback to get a good idea of a monitor you might go with.
    I know it may be hard to do but most monitors are black anyway and there are a few different colors but monitors don't have a lot of color variety.
    I bought my monitor based on what I was looking for in features , resolution and screen size. I also read all the feedback and looked for as much info as I could find. The 30" monitor isn't cheap by any means but I bought it sight unseen because I knew I was going to like it based on the features , screen size and resolution , and it's black.
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