DSL, Duron, and T-Bird

Ok to start here is my set up:
A7V KT133, Duron 600@800, 512M RAM, Alcatel Speed Touch USB DSL modem.

I recently got DSL and had a horribly time trying to get it up. I would be able to connect for a few minutes at a time then the modem would just die, no lights nothing. After about 2 week trouble shooting, I finally broke down and flashed my BIOS to the most recent one, v1.007. JOY. No problems since.

That is until I just now tried to upgrade to a 1G T-Bird. And the same problem is back! I fiddled with divers, RE-flashed my BIOS(?), wipe and reloaded windows, no joy.

I finally put my Duron back in and IT works great!

So...this is where I am, any suggestions, comments...HELP!

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  1. How is your speedtouch modem doing, when your stuff isn't o:clocked

    Possible power problems on your USB busses

  2. The problems you describe can only be atributed to a few things. First, there is no way the processor can affect things as you say unless you have a power supply issue. Your more powerfull processor also consumes more power. It would appear that this increase in power comsumtion may be at the root of the problem. Please describe your system in more detail as to the pwoer supply specs and your type of network card ( USB?).

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  3. sounds liek faulty power requirements beign run from the USB bus.....
    try newer better power supply and possibly a new MB if its that extreme....

    -MeTaL RoCkEr

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  4. Ask your DSL provider if they have any other non USB modems available. You may lalso want to install the via usb filter driver found here:<A HREF="http://download.viahardware.com/usbf108.exe" target="_new">http://download.viahardware.com/usbf108.exe</A>

    A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing!
  5. ok, I guess I need to give more detail, sorry.

    I have kept my CoreV Maxed since I got a HSF (1.75 or 1.85 not sure at work right now). I have a 435W Power Supply(new after my 2 weeks T/S). My Duron has ran all freqs 600-900M in 50M steps with no problems.
    The problems I had when I first got my modem took 2 weeks because I too thaught this was a power problem. Especially when I found my case energized with 1/2 the Input Voltage. I have recently moved to the Middle East and run my gear thru a Transformer(230->115). They have no grounds here and I didn't realize one lead is hot and one "neutral", so i was running the hot lead into the P/S neutral lead.(2 leads, no ground)..this was putting ~60VAC on the case. So after getting more 2 Power Supplies(it's impossible to get a 300W here!) I found that I needed to switch polarity. JOY!...but the modem did the same, And all voltages run clean as per Asus Probe. Loaded what drivers I could find at Asus. And made my final move to Flash my BIOS. As soon as that was done I had NO problems. So I concluded it was not a power problem like I had thaught.
    Now This T-bird...what is so different with this chips, do they handle drivers, Bios, hardware differently... I thaught the only difference was the cache? Can FSB speed affect it? I run 100M FSB.
    Oh one more thing...I can not load 4in1 drivers with my Duron...does NOT like them, and runs good without them.
    T-Bird NEED them?
    Thank you in advance, more info? Please ask, MNM
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