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I need to buy another gaming keyboard, i have a black widow but it worked until my j and k buttons stopped bouncing back so i used alcohol to clean it but unfortunately it melted my plastic keys so they dont fit properly. I want to buy another one but I have been reading razor 2013 reviews and they are terrible and I know razer sucks from personal experience my computer was annoying overall but it worked.

PLEASE tell me what keyboard is good for gaming and price really does not matter unless its over 150.
Thank you
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    I have this one and I like it over the Razer keyboard I had , which I agree with you on the cleaning part. I don't know what they put on thioer keys but they are nice when they are new and the backlight is nice also but the keys become sticky with use and you can't clean them.
    I like this Corsair keyboard and it comes with the wsad keys in red along with 123456 also in red. They provide the keys and you have to replace the black yourself but the give you a neat key puller for that.
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    i use logi tech G15.

    it has been a decent keyboard.
    i bought it in 2008 and it is still in good condition.
    works fine, if not flawlessly.

    i would most likely pick the G19 over my current G15.
    but to be honest, i rarely use the L.C.D.

    so you could save yourself ~$50 or more by choosing a keyboard without LCD.

    amazon has a good deal on the Log itech Gaming Keyboard G105 Call of Duty: MW3 Edition (920-003652).

    for $32.

    if i needed a keyboard asap i would buy the G105 since i doubt you would really use the LCD on the G15 or G19
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