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hi everyone,

so i just bought the new version of the RAT 9 wireless mouse (MCB4370900B2/02/1).
FYI the old version of the RAT 9 wireless was (CCB4370900B2/02/1).

i received the mouse, i charged the battery.
installed the software.
my pc recognizes the USB base/ wireless receiver.
i put the battery in the mouse, and flip the switch on the bottom of the mouse to the "ON" position.

and nothing happens.

am i missing something here ?

is my mouse defective ?
it wont even turn on.
the battery indicator by the left click doesnt light up or anything.

i called support but they are closed ofc.
and i want to resolve this sooner than later by asking you guys.

is my RAT 9 defective ?
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  1. It sounds like it is from the desciption of the situation in your post. I would tend to think that the battery may be defective and is not charging up. Is there a way to test it ? Is it a battery that came with the mouse , a special rechargable battery ?
  2. 2 batteries came with the unit, i already switched them out ofc.

    and i let both of them charge the full amount.

    FYI the wireless base battery charger lights up green when the battery is charged.
  3. Can you try the batteries in another device to make sure that they are working ? It's only because you want to eliminate things that it could be so you can focus on just one thing. If the batteries do work ok in another device then you can know for sure that there is something wrong with the mouse. It's notunusual for things to come defective out of the box , it happens all the time.
    When placinf the batteries in the mouse there is only one way that they fit ?
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