Is a 7ms monitor bad for gaming?

Hi, this is my first post. I don't know if it goes here or not:

I plan on building a PC for gaming soon. I want to buy 3 monitors. I'm looking for the smallest bezel possible. I found this monitor. It's 7ms. I know 5ms is standard, gamers prefer 2ms. But does it really matter?

This is the monitor in question:
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  1. For a small monitor like that 7ms does seem a bit high. I play on a 30" HP and the refresh is 7ms and that was coming from a 27" with 2ms and I can't say that I notice any difference. I think having a powerful; video card can make up for the high refresh but I can't say for sure that's true and all I can say is that I did not notiuce any difference and I was concerned when purchasing this monitor that there was going to be a difference.
    Don't forget were're talking about milli-seconds and not seconds so it's very hard to notice.
  2. Wow , great card and you should have some high FPS with that card. Like I said a powerfull video card will make up any defeciencies in a monitor and granted it can't change the 7ms but it can give you some very high FPS.
    Get two and the FPS will blow your mind. I play Black Opps 2 and get 200 FPS on a 30" monitor and 2560x1600 resolition.
    The 4gb will come in handy.
  3. this is my current build:

    I won't have any problem with 3 of those screens?
  4. I don't see any screens on the list ? When connecting three screens you need to use the two DVI connections and the displat port connection , it won't work with a HDMI connection.
  5. The screen is what I listed before in my previous post. The list was made by a friend sent to me, so I haven't edited it. I plan on getting an HDMI to DVI adapter.
  6. I would get a display port to DVI adapter.
  7. honestly, i think that <8ms is fine. you wont experience any ghosting until its over 8ms.
    The difference between 5 and 7ms not noticeable to most people and only hardcore gamers or action movie fan boys would be able to tell the difference if you put a 5ms and 7ms monitor in front of them
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