How Do I Cool Down My CPU?

I just got my system finally up and running. I have an Asus A7M266, and according to the AsusPCProbe my cpu's temp is 107 F. That seems super hot. Where exactly do I go to cool down my cpu? I have a Volcano II on my Athlon, but do I change those settings in the bios or in the AsusPCProbe?
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  1. Try Motherboard Monitor 5.Probe is notoriously inaccurate.

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  2. What system is it man? Retail HSF?
    I have a Tbird 900 avec Abit Kt7 mobo and Retail HSF and I run at 100F (with case closed) with no load, and max at 120F with load.

    My friend's PC is a Tbird 1.3GZ and he runs with no load (ThermoEngine cooler) at 120F! AMD is a hot mother.

  3. 107F = 41.7C

    Seems ok.

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  4. That's a pretty good temp.

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  5. Quote:
    I have an Asus A7M266, and according to the AsusPCProbe my cpu's temp is 107 F.

    I wish mine have that temp!
    TB 1000@1400MHz on A7V133 and with GlobalWin FOP-32 (120/135F).

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  6. It's not a good idea to let those T-Bird chips run hot. They burn out easily if not properly cooled. And system temperature is highly important as well. To solve ongoing problems simply make sure to have a good intake fan on the front of the case and a good exhaust fan on the back to blow the hot air out.

    Another good way to cool the CPU is to get circular IDE/SCSI cables which allow for better airflow, they let air pass thru the case faster.

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  7. For some reason I was thinking 107 F was bad. My system is as follows:

    Asus A7M266
    Tbird 1.2 266
    Micron 256MB DDR
    IBM 60gxp 40gb
    GF Ultra
    Philips AE
    Toshiba DVD-ROM 16X

    The sides of my case are off, and I don't have a case fan on the back sucking hot air out either, so maybe if I added that it could help cool down some more. What is the ideal temp for your cpu?
  8. Your temps are fine. but if you put the sides on and the temps go up. Say 122 or so, then you need better case cooling.

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  9. your temp is aiight.

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  10. my system is almost identical to yours and when i first booted it up it was running at 60 case closed (front intake fan and heatsinkfan only). then i put in a rear fan and now it's running at 50...i'm still trying to get it lower, but i'm out of ideas...

    so, i'm sure 40 degrees is not much to worry about.
  11. what kind of heatsink do you use? I have a Volcano II, but I used the thermal pad it came with on it, but I've been thinking about getting that artic silver and seeing how that does. I've heard it can reduce temps by 5 degrees.
  12. it's a coolermaster 6H51...using thermal paste that came with it.
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