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Hey, I know this is probably a dumb question, but I am having troubles with my computer and I want to make sure I at least have this correct and something petty like this isn't the source.

My case has the following panel connectors:
A Black/White with 'Reset SW' written on it
A Black/Green with 'S/B SW' written on it
A Black/Red that comes from the case speaker
A White/Orange with 'H.D.D. LED'
A Green/White with 'Power LED'

The first two take up two pins each, as do the last three, but the last three are not fused together (meaning, say for the Power LED their is a pin on the green wire, and a pin on the White wire but the two pins are not stuck together)

The Motherboard manual has this:
System Power LED (3-1 pin)
Keyboard Lock Switch (2-pin keylock)
System Warning Speaker (4-pin Speaker)
System Message LED (2-pin MLED)
System Management Interrupt Lead (2-pin SMI)
ATX Power Switch (2-pin PWRBTN)
Reset Switch Lead (2-pin RESET)

Obviously probably the 'Reset SW' to the Reset Switch, and the Speaker one to System Warning Speaker. 'HDD LED' wire to 'System Message LED'? And 'Power LED' wire to System Power LEDI assume. Which would leave 'S/B SW' for ATX Power Switch? I guess is that right?

Also, does it matter which way I have the pins facing? With the writing facing in or out? And with the illustration in the motherboard manual some have gaps inbetween (for instance with the speaker, it has SPKR for one pin, then two grounds then a +5V. I take it one pin goes in the SPKR and one in the +5V with two pins not being used beween. Does it matter which one goes where?

Okay, I am sorry this has gotten so long, any help would be much apprecaited.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. HDD Led is for the hard disk drive.

    in terms of which way they face, just try it out. you shouldnt damage anything. in my mobo, the power led faces in while the rest of the wires face out. so just guestimate until all the leds light up.

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