Fps and gameing experience, Ati mobillity radeon HD 5650

hi there people.

Well i bought Dell inspirion n 5010 i5 core, 4gb ram, ati mobillity hd 5650 card.

in every game i have a bad working game with a low fps i feel this laptop isnt working good and i think that graphic card is a reason.

i updatead it with drivers on dell page ( those are from 1.6. 2010. ), tried to install it from ati page but card doesnt recognize that drivers. i think that drivers are main reason that games doesnt work like they suppose to.

any one can tell how can i solve this or any drivers can help this problem.

is there any way to put new drivers or another that will be ok?

Plz need help with this. thx
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  1. Hello ribanac;

    What game and what graphics settings are you testing?

    You're using Windows 7, right? It should be finding any available updates for your graphics card, if there are any out there.
  2. hello thxx for replay.
    win 7 ultimate 64 bit. im useing this drivers : http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs&ServiceTag=FKZS3N1&SystemID=inspiron_N5010&os=W764&osl=en&catid=&impid= :
    when press update its said taht drivers are update. i cant update new ones from atis page because dell not suppport those drivers. i tried LeagueofLegends and Starcraft 2. same problems that shouldnt happen with those configuration. im almost sure that those drivers that dell gave us from 2010. are so bad and thats why we have low fps.
  3. thats interesting? you cant use amd/ati graphics from their radeon.
    I use amd/ati drivers instead of acer drivers for my graphics card.
  4. What graphics settings are you testing in Starcraft II?
    Set the graphics on Low. Are the FPS increasing a lot?
    Next test on Medium graphics. Is the game still playable?
  5. sc2: low around 70

    medium around 40

    ultra around 20.

    this is fps without fights or anything just on start of the game. on any details when i move my coursour around map i feel stoppimng ofr a 0.5 sec like a lagg or smthing. it is not smooth.
    well while i play LeagueofLegends fps is 60 ( also its not smooth, i feel its slow a bit), but in fights it descreased to 30. i want to say that game doesnt run smooth. and i think that with that configuration i should play all on ultra or highest details. i had desktop computer with dual core and radeon 4670 i played it on highest details and was running smooth.

    THX that u are helping me. <3
  6. update: i found new drivers and successufully installed them from here http://www.hardwareheaven.com/mobility-radeon-drivers-support/206549-updated-15-02-ati-catalyst-11-2-toshiba-sony-acer-notebooks-get-here.html

    now i got 40 fps in sc2. whil in LeagueofLegends still same. and i still feel slownless ingame. myb its proccessor thing? can i test somewhere to be sure is it graph or proc?
  7. 25-33 fps on ultra details... really dont know what is the problem drivers are update... 28.1.2011. hmm what can i test?
  8. Your desktop computer is more powerful than your laptop in both CPU and GPU.
    You can't expect to get similar performance from a laptop with a small budget.

    From your scores changing from Low/Medium/High settings it looks like your laptop is running 'normal'.
  9. hmm how can dual core hd4670 can be soo much stronger than i5 core hd 5650? :(

    cant belive this :(

    still cant play Leagueoflegends and that game dont need alienware computer .
  10. Believe it.
    Desktop parts are usually much stronger than laptop parts.

    Passmark GPU scores:

    Desktop GTX 460 = 2347
    Laptop GTX 460M = 1201
    Desktop HD 5670 = 1248
    Laptop HD 5650 = 621
  11. to bad. so much money for nothing :( thank you very much wr2
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