P4 1.7 vs AMD 1.4 vs AMD 1.2 DUAL vs XEON 1.7 DUAL

Hello friends,

I am looking to purchase a new system for someone, and they do not use any type of 3D applications. They use heavy processor intensive application/internet programming. I'm just wondering what the advantages/disadvantages are, for a person who has those needs, to own one of the types of processors in the title. I've been looking at P4 1.7 systems with 512 RDRAM (though Intel may be leaving RAMBUS behind so I don't really like this option at all), same with the Dual XEON 1.7. I've heard the Dual AMD 1.2 is good, but not good for the types of things the person will be doing (no game playing, either.) I was looking at AMD 1.4, but then on TomsHardware.com, he has benchmarks for "internet content creation" (not sure what that is though, seems they dont either), but intel is beating AMD's chip in that spec, even though it loses in almost every other benchmark. The person purchasing this PC does not mind cost all too much, AMD would need to be about $1300-1500 cheaper for me to convince him otherwise in fact because he doesn't believe in AMD (he hasn't dealt with anything but intel before). It's hard to convince him that I've read and seen AMD chips running faster than intel at a lower clock/price....

Anyways any suggestions on what type of processor would support his needs?
Serious input only - thanks,
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  1. Hi,
    if this guy is serious about processing power, you should buy him the dual Athlons. They will perform much better, and also you can get like 1024 or even 2Gb DDR w/ the lower cost of DDR. You can convince him to trust AMD in a few ways. First is that they are much more stable, and also that MHz don't matter for different architectures. First, take into account Macs in the olden days before AMD came out with Athlon. They were much lower in clock speed, yet did a real good ass woopin' to the Pentiums. In addition, how is it possible that GeForce 3 which is 200MHz outperforms any processor in 3D apps.

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  2. you only need dual xeons if your running a server.

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  3. From the sounds of it we still really need to know more about his apps before we can advice on a $3000 system.

    You really need to be using apllication that support and use multithreading before dual cpus will really pay off for you.

    Don't worry too much about 'benchmarks' for dual cpus systems, no benchmarks are yet devised for dual systems other than the real world experience of users. Things like contenet creation benchmarks etc are very misleading.

    When you say your friend does not do #D, but procesor intensive app/internet programming - can you be alittle more specific? Generally the Internet stuff is pretty light, since you are actually catering to a crowd with limited bandwidth...

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  4. i win
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