How can I have dual monitor setup?

I have a BenQ LED 21.5" which has DVI-D and VGA Output.
I also have a LG 20" which has DVI-D and D-SUB

How can I hook these up together with my card?

I have:
1x Cable for D-SUB which goes into
1x D-SUB to DVI (Came with card)

These are spare cables/stuff
1x DVI to HDMI
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  1. If your video card has two DVI ports then you can connect a DVI cable to each one and connect to each monitor. What video card do you have ? Brand and model ?
  2. I have the MSI 2gb 7850 TWIN FROZR OC Edition
  3. With that card you can easily have a two , three , four or five monitor set up , just keep in mind that when going with three or more one of them needs to be connected by display port.
    Using DVI to connect two monitors would be the way to go and while sometimes a HDMI cable will work people seem to have issues when trying to use them.
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