27'' 2560x1440 monitor used at 1920x1080

Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying a dell u2711 or 2723hm for gaming. Both have a native resolution of 2560x1440. Unfortunately my video card is not capable of handling such a high resolution with a decent framerate, but I'm planning to upgrade it when the new amd 8000 series comes out. In the mean time I am planning to play at 1920x1080. Are there any issues? Will I experience blurry images/increased delay or stuff like that? Are there any issues when playing at a non-native resolution?

Thanks for your replies!
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  1. 1920x1080 is HD so it will not be a sub standard picture , if you play at 2560x1440 and then switch to 1920x1080 you will notice that the pictuer is bigger , the icons are bigger and so are the characters in a game. So no real issues.
  2. Graphics will not look quite as sharp if you play games below the maximum (native) resolution. This is due to something called interpolation which the monitor tries to estimate exactly where to put a pixel. That is because the number of pixels is fixed and cannot be changed so it sort of like taking a smaller picture and increasing the size of it until it fits the frame.
  3. What video card do you have now ?
  4. Sapphire hd 5850, waiting for amd 8000 or nvidia 7xx series
  5. The card does support 2560x1600 resolution but it only has 1 gb of video memory. Without the monitor connected do you know what you'll be getting for frame rate ?
  6. I wouldn't worry about playing games at 1920x1080 resolution. Like I said, things will not looks as sharp at native resolution, but they will not look terrible either. Just slightly less sharp/crisp lines.

    It's not like playing Far Cry 3 on the monitor @ 1920x1080 will end up graphics so crappy looking that Minecraft will beautiful in comparison.
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