Which monitor should I go with? I play FPS games mainly. I doubt I would use much of the 3d feature as I already own a 55inch 3d tv. I know there are more expensive ones that would be better but my budget is 350 tops.

for $300

For $350
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  1. I would go with the VS278Q-P , it has the better feedback of the two and the very slightly better response time.
  2. That was my first thought but then it seems people are starting to favor ips monitors even though you get slightly less response time. I originally had the vs278-q picked out but found the other ips monitor. I was hoping for more mixed opinions but well see im going to go to best buy and compare an ips vs a non ips even though the specs im sure will be nowhere near these two monitors.
  3. After lopoking at the feedback on Newegg for the VS27AH I 'm not so sure that the Asus monitor that you linked is very good and maybe if your considering a IPS panel then a different model or brand would be better.
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